Are You a Magpie Like Me?

If you were to ask me what was my favorite thing to do, I’d say dancing, art, food, travel, nature, science and culture are definitely my number one favorite. They all bring me great joy and fulfill me on different levels. So when I attended a business workshop and the instructor suggested that we focus on only one (possibly two) thing to build our company around, I was stunned into silence.

All my interests nourish me. My studies in Asian medicine, (as a Shiatsu Practitioner) have really benefited my dance. Being in nature and learning about plants for me is real and grounding. Art and journaling is a wonderful way to meditate and work through ideas. I learning science and technology with my son keeps us close. Dance helps me express my heart with energy there are no words for.

All of these activities are essential to my wellbeing. Sharing the experience with others makes it ten times better.

My feeling is that I’m not the only Magpie out there (standing on soap box). I believe that there are others that thrive on learning and experiences. I believe that just because someone is attracted to all things unique and wonderful, doesn’t make them flaky. It makes them fascinating and whole.

So my plan is to wrangle all my interests onto one platform. I’m sure a business expert would cringe reading this. My BloomStudio and BellyRhythm will not only offer dance and exercise classes, but also art, health, food, culture related events starting this Fall. There will be a great line up of guest Instructors and I’ll share my talents too.

Please join us either online or at the studio. We Magpies have to stick together.


Visit BloomStudio on Facebook: BloomStudioBloomfield or check out for more info.
***If you are interested in teaching a class, I’d love to talk to you.


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