BloomFitness: Where Beauty, Strength and Spirit Converge

I would like to introduce my new class:

Bloom Dance-Fitness
As a dance exercise this class focuses on toning, flexibility and cardio. But it’s much more. It is my hope that students will fall in love with their body –enjoy the energy of movement -relish the company of other sister and have a really good time in the process. Bloom Dancefit is not about becoming a size 0, but it about getting and staying healthy in body and mind. Let the spirit of dance move you!

Classes start August 1st. Class Times: Tuesdays 7-8AM, Thursdays 7-8AM, Thursdays 12-1PM
(evening classes not yet scheduled)
Price: $8 per class. Discount Class Cards: $30 good for 4 classes, $50 good for 8 classes.
BloomStudio 330 Glenwood ave Bloomfield, NJ,, 973-280-6386

Check out the BloomFitness promo clip at:!/BloomStudioBloomfield, or at


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