To YouTube or Not to YouTube

I’ve been debating for a while now whether or not to post my performance videos on the infamous YouTube channel.  Don’t get me wrong I really like YouTube.  I enjoy how easy it is to share information, discover music, art and ideas that may not be in the mainstream.  As a marketing tool it seems to be essential –right?  How else could one reach so many people as easily and inexpensively?


But then of course, there is the dark side of this media.  Viewers can hijack your post for their own political or commercial gain and rude comments have always annoyed me.  Sure you can grow from constructive criticism but too often the comments are just mean.  The anonymity of the web can bring out the worst in people.


Then of course one has to remember there really isn’t anything “private” on social or web-based media. Anything posted is there for all the world-wide-web to see.  So prudence is always required.  On these public forums millions of viewers are suddenly able to scrutinize and assess your performance.  This fact alone can give stage freight to even the most seasoned performer. 


So I weighed the pros and cons of going public with my videos.  Since I needed to submit examples of my work for a teaching position at a conference, and was looking to promote myself as a performer, the pros outweighed the cons. I nervously selected a few of my best and most recent clips and posted them on my YouTube channel.  I made it viewable to the public but turned off the comments option.  It reminded me of my first dance performance.  I was so scared, it seemed like the routine would never end.


Well it’s been two weeks and nothing horrible has happen.  I received neither nasty emails nor requests that I should never dance again. Yeah! Hopefully I’m on my way to increasing my audience and add some professional polish to my profile.  At the moment this seems to have been a good decision.


Are you on Youtube?  What has your experience been?


BTW if you’d like to check out my vids just click here:



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