A Brave New Belly Dance Show

It was a great show. Can’t wait to do it again!
WP_000653A Brave New Belly Dance Show june2


The Restaurant Performance

The Restaurant Performance

I’ll admit, I haven’t had many performances at restaurants, besides the odd birthday party gig. The last one I did (pictures here) in April was a bitter sweet experience. Some of the evening was wonderful, exhilarating and fun. Yet, other parts made me wonder why I bothered in the first place.

This was usually my experience with dancing at a restaurant; the manager was dodgy, the floor was dirty, the audience was inattentive or something of the like. I mentally recalled my past experiences going in to the experience, but held my smile anyway. It didn’t help. The event went down a slippery slope of hurt feelings, anxiety and awkwardness. *sigh* At least I was happy with my performance.

Despite all this I was gifted with this wonderful shot of me taken by a fellow dancer. It is perfectly framed, lit and shows me in a wonderfully dramatic pose in the middle of my set. The audience has all eyes on me and one can feel the Middle Eastern ambience. -lovely. The photo was exactly what any performer would want on their promotional media.

In just looking at this pic I could almost feel it was the best event of the season -well almost.